JavaScript programming language checks some things like that

  • Any number 6, -6 will be taken as JavaScript true. And 0 will be false
  • Any String true, MT string false
  • The value of anything undefined is actually false
  • If there was any thing but not later then null is used there
  • double equal will not check which typer. Will only check the value
  • const first
  • triple equal will strate check
  • triple equal value and type will check
  • If you call or return from one function to another, it will create a close environment and they leave the external variable, This is closure
  • If there is a method in an object, if you want to call it on another object, then you can apply the call
  • Apply the same thing, just apply the method to another object that you want to use in the first argument will give this and the parameters will be sent in the array

How to JavaScript works event loop stack and queue?



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